A Birthday Surprise1

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A Birthday Surprise1

Like any man, the things I have, give me a feeling of worth, thus I enjoy showing them off. This same principle holds true when it comes to my wife. I am a 31 year old Caucasian male, and she is a stunning 29 year old Philippine woman. We have been married for nearly 9 years and live in the Philippines. After 4 kids my wife still has an impressive 34 26 34 figure. She is very sexual in nature and is willing to do many things, but still tends to be a bit conservative. 

My story begins when my wife was 28 years old and had only 3 kids. At this time she felt that she was un attractive, so one night I challenged her to post a picture of her in a tube top on yahoo, and see what kind of a response she would get. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Guys began hitting on her immediately, which made me feel great! All these guys wanted what I had. She was online and chatting for over an hour and even sent out a few more pictures of herself. I must admit as I sat next to her I was so turned on, and even interfered a few times as she was selecting pictures and send pictures to guys that exposed parts of her body, pretending that it was accidental. My wife was very embarrassed that the guys saw the pictures but at the same time was very flattered by their comments and compliments to her. She really hit it off with one particular 20 year old guy and set an appointment to chat with him the following night. 

Over time a relationship developed, she began asking me to take pictures of her in different lingerie, and freely began sharing the pictures and even nudes of her, but as I said she is somewhat conservative, so she never showed her actual pussy. She grew so attached to the guy that she looked forward to their time together every night. When I bought her a web cam, she would dress in lingerie and fix herself up every night for him. I was loving the whole thing, because she was so sexually aroused every night. Soon she was striping on cam and even teasing by rubbing her body and sucking her fingers etc, to help her online boyfriend get off. Occasionally I would log on a different computer and watcher on her web cam, I must say she was stunning. 

On her friend’s 21st birthday she sent him a dance video of her stripping and actually spread her pussy for a split second. Her relationship grew to the point that she evan began to speak of her love for her friend. This did not bother me in the last, because I am secure in her love for me. In fact as we made love, I knew at times she was thinking of him. Afterwards I would question her about what she was thinking and reluctantly she would tell me the fantasies or thoughts she had about her friend as we made love. Every time I was immediately brought back to arousal and went for a second round. There were even times that we did role play and I would pretend to be her online lover, in town to meet her. I did not know why, but for some reason the thought of /wife/wife-fucking/watching-my-wife-getting-fucked/">watching my wife getting fucked by another man, particularly a younger man was so arousing. It was only much later that I learned that this is a fantasy common to the majority of married men.

Everything took a nasty turn on her 29th birthday. On this particular night, my wife was ready to go all the way with her online lover, well as far as online can go although she honestly half expected him to come see her for her birthday, but not only did he not come in person, he stood her up online, and forgot about her birthday. This was not the /first-time/">first time that she had been stood up by him, but it was clearly the most painful, and in her mind the last. milf porn videos She was broken hearted and determined never to go online again. Well, needless to say our love life took a turn for the worse. she no longer dressed up, nor fixed her self up every night, and was no longer as sexually inclined as she was before. I tried to intervene and get the relationship between her and her friend back on track, and because of her love for me she reluctantly gave in and chatted with him a few more times making sure that I knew she was doing it only for me, but each time her friend once again treated lightly the treasure that was being offered to him.

Shortly there after she became /pregnant/">pregnant with out 4th child, and gave birth 3 months before her 30th birthday. After giving birth, in a matter of a month her figure was back to normal, and she was sexually back in action. Once again, I challenged her to give her friend another chance or to find a /friend/new-friend/">new friend, but she refused. Knowing that deep inside she had a desire, and I most especially had a desire to see her fuck another man, I set a plan in motion for a 30th /surprise/birthday-surprise/">birthday surprise.

Through a careful screening process I found a ’mystery man’ who was willing to help me fulfill my sexual fantasy and give my wife a birthday she would never forget. On the night of her Birthday, I let the ’mystery man’in the house, and he hid in the room neighboring our /master/">master bed room. I left the door to our room slightly cracked open, so he would have easy entry later in the night.

My wife was not in a particularly sexual mood on this night, but since it was her birthday and I gave her some lingerie for her birthday, she had no choice but to try it on. As she came out of the closet in her new gift I began to photograph her in different poses, as she stripped off the lingerie for the camera. Since the time that her online relationship ended, she tires of the picture taking quickly, and this night was no different from the others, so I moved her to the bed and began to snuggle with her.

As we lied on the bed, I began to kiss my wife and go through the foreplay procedures that she enjoyed. To ensure the success of the evening, I bought a blindfold which I put over her eyes, so that she would not be able to see, but only feel the sensations of the evening’s pleasure. As she lied on her back, completely nude and blinded by the blindfold, I began kissing her all over. I then moved to her lips and said the pre arranged code word, ’I love kissing you,’ after which the ’mystery man’ who was listening by the slightly open door of our room entered the room. I made sure to remove my hands from her body as he approached her so she would not suspect anything prematurely as he began to spread her legs with his hands. He then began to massage around her now moistening pussy, to prepare her for what was to come. We made eye contact I backed off lightly as he began to approach her pussy with his lips. She let out a slight squeal of delight as his lips and tongue gently made contact with her femininity. It took a few seconds before she realized that there was no way I could have moved to her pussy that fast and started to react by trying to remove her blindfold. I immediately grabbed a hold of her hands and began to kiss her lips once again, but this time it was a slightly more forceful and passionate blowjob porn videos kisses. The ’mystery man’ also had a struggle with her legs that she immediately tried to close them. Nevertheless, He put his tongue into action and after about a minute she stopped resisting and began to relax. She then whispered in my ear, ’I love you, and I’m doing this for you’ After that, I knew it was ok, and removed her blindfold to reveal her ’mystery man.’ 

She did not actually pay much attention to him, instead, she began to put on a show for me as she began teasing her now hard and protruding nipples. I could tell that the whole incident was now really turning her on, she was into it whole heartedly. After a few minuets she exploded into what would be the first of several orgasms for her birthday celebration. 

She then took a hold of her ’mystery mans’ well endowed 8 inch tool and began to lick it from the base of his shaft to the tip. Pausing at the tip to /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck his tinny slit as if it was a pussy. All the while gently messaging his balls. She then began to rotate off licking then massaging his balls, and massaging and sucking his pole. By this time, I was fully aroused, but instead of joining the action, I grabbed my camera and began to snap shots and video clips.

My wife then looked at me and asked ’how far do you want me to go.’ I then answered ’as far as you want.’ She stood up next to her ’mystery man’ wrapped her arms around him and whispered in what had to have been the most provocative and sexy tone I have ever heard ’Fuck me....I want your dick inside me.’ Then she began kissing him. They fell onto the bed and his dick found its way easily into her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. She mush have been really turned on by the whole event because it was only a matter of seconds before she came for the second time that night.

They explored different positions over the next two and a half hours, she came another time and he came twice in the coarse of that time. After two and a half hours of fucking each other silly, he left. I saw him to the door and thanked him for making my wife’s birthday /surprise/">surprise and celebration a wonderful success.

I then returned to the room, where she sleepishly looked at me, smiled, and said ’thank you.’ I laid next to her naked freshly fucked body and wrapped my arms around her. My tool was a full attention, but I could see that she had enough. I just pulled her close with my arms wrapped around her, and told her how much I loved her. On the lower part of my body I could feel both his and her the love juices flowing out of her pussy. It was such a turn on! I wanted to fuck her immediately, but said to my self, ’there is always tomorrow.’ We fell asleep that night in each others arms.

When I awoke the next morning, it slowly dawned on me that it was still a month until her 30th birthday. The whole thing had been a dream, it had never really happened. The only good news was that I had about a month to find her ’mystery man’ and make the dream a /reality/">reality for both of us. So today I say ’WANTED 1 MYSTERY MAN’ applicants are welcome!