Play Ball

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Play Ball

Lexa grabbed the bed sheets with her clenched fists while she lay on her stomach. Her feet were on the floor and she was bent at the waist. Her body rubbed against the sheets, moving forward and back while Rob pounded into her pussy from behind. There was no talking, just the sound of the music in the other room and the noise of their bodies smacking together.

Her eyes were closed, because she focused on the pleasure this gorgeous man bestowed upon her. She had cum many times in the last forty-five minutes of their sweaty coupling. She was shocked when she felt another one approach. He was rubbing her G-Spot as he moved in and out of her /wet/pussy-wet/wet-dripping-pussy/">wet dripping pussy. This was her favorite position. With her feet on the floor she raised up on her tippy toes to angle her ass slightly in the air. She loved this angle, there was just something about it that allowed a man to bring her to multiple orgasms. Without thought she reached her right hand down between her legs and teased her clit. Lexa felt him grab her hips and pound with animal vigor and increased speed. They both were lost in the pleasure of their joining and Lexa began to scream, as the /ecstasy/">ecstasy was too much to contain her shouts.

She heard a stirring in the dim lit corner of the room and tried to look. But his pounding cock pulled her attention back from the mysterious sound in the corner. Once again she focused on rotating two fingers over her raised clit as she gasped and moaned. She heard from behind her, a guttural growl. The primitive sound that she heard coming from him let her know she was pleasuring her partner. She was aware of how the black satin sheets felt on her bare breasts, his musky smell and the sound of the rock music he had playing loudly in the other the other room. ?Does it drown out my screams,? she wondered briefly.

Lexa rotated her hips with each penetration. Her clit was tickled and his shaft was rubbing her G-Spot. Her rotations continued and all the sensations overwhelmed her. Her focus was not on anything else in the room. Her focus was on her pussy and him in it. The tingle started to spread through her pussy walls and she increased the friction on her clit. She felt his hand grab her long hair, to seemingly help hold her in place with one hand. The other hand grabbed her thigh and that was enough for her. Her constant moans had grown to yells and screams as the orgasm reached full power. She buried her mouth into the sheets to try to drown out the sound, but was pulled up by her hair to keep her mouth off the mattress. The screams escaped her mouth superceding the loud music.

Lexa saw the man in the shadow after her scream. He was in the corner, jacking off, and he was watching Lexa and Rob orgasm together. Her pussy pulsated involuntarily and her molten juices spilled and gushed from her dripping down her legs. Both of Rob?s hands grabbed her hips, pulling her and holding her. He seemed to want to touch as deep inside her as he could and with a few more thrusts she was held in place by his grip. She felt his cock swell, waxing and waning, as his fluid shot into her. She heard him yell, ?Oh damn!? The influx of his cum continued as she squeezed her pussy walls to drain every drop from his sensitive tip.

Her head was tilted with a cheek on the soft sheets. She watched the stranger in the corner now, as his hand was quickly moving over his shaft. She could only make out the shadows of him and his actions. Only seconds after Rob filled her to her core, the dark figure shot his cum out onto the carpet in streams. It seemed he was looking right into Lexa?s eyes. She was amused and curled the corners of her lips into a smirk; amused that someone would get off by watching her fuck someone, but for some reason the thought gave her pleasure. Rob smacked her butt as she tried to stand on her weak and wobbly legs. Their cocktail of juices seeped out of her and down the inside of her thighs as she scampered off to the /master/">master bathroom. She decided to shower and stepped into the cascading hot water. Rob?s bathroom was luxurious and urban. The cream and black tiles and accoutrements showed the style of the man who lived there.

She stood under the hot water and lathered her smooth skin and began to wonder, "Who is the guy in the corner?? Then she thought back to how the night began?

Alexandra, Lexa to her friends, was 28 and recently divorced. She had been trying to get out on the town as often as possible. Her ex-husband was an overbearing control /freak/">freak. He could not stand her out of his sight, not even at a party together. She lived with it so long that it seemed normal to her. She was striking in her beauty at 5?4? tall, with long corn-silk blonde hair. Her firm body was the product of discipline and vanity. Lexa knew she turned heads just by walking by someone, no matter what she wore. All her clothes were short or tight, so she felt his possessiveness was somewhat justified.

It was when he turned physically abusive that Lexa knew she was done. The night he beat her severely and raped her was when her love and obligation to him died. She packed some bags that night with her swollen eyes and black and blue marks. She was limping porn videos download and crying as he puffed on his cigarette on the back deck. The rest of her belongings were removed under the watchful eye of a police escort, and she did not see him again until the divorce proceedings.

Working in a law firm as a paralegal had its benefits. Lexa took her wife-beating, piece-of-shit husband through the coals and took a large part of his sizable earnings.

It was a Friday, and an attorney she paralegaled for had tickets for the local Major League Baseball Team. His kids took ill, so he subsequently dropped the tickets in Lexas lap. No one else in her firm wanted them, since the team was not great. The team had no chance for the playoffs with only 3 games left in the regular season. Lexa phoned her /friend/best-friend/">best friend, and two other friends, and they changed their plans for the evening.

Two rows back from the home-team?s dugout, Lexa and her friends wiggled into their seats. They perused the people around them eyeing all the /cute/">cute guys. None of the girls were really dressed for a baseball game. Every venture out held the possibility of meeting a guy, so they always dressed well and primped. All the girls wore short skirts and tight tops or camisoles tops. Lexa loved high-heeled shoes and how they made her firm ass look. She was in her short denim skirt and black camisole top with knit overlay. Her black heels lifted her calves and whole back side in an attractive way. Her new-found freedom put color in her cheeks and a new glint in her hazel-green eyes.

Lexa and her friends watched the baseball players practice before the game began. She realized that there were quite a few /balls/hot-ball/">hot ball players on this sub-par team. Young, handsome and dressed in uniform, just the way she liked her men. The eye candy before her was well worth the trip out, and her smile broadened as she fidgeted in her stadium seat.

The girls laughed and carried on as they discussed which guy was hotter. Lexa announced that #4 & #12 were, by far, the most gorgeous. She watched their firm /athletic/">athletic bodies as they warmed up. Game time approached, and the guys headed toward the dugout. ?Goody,? Lexa clapped, ?a closer look.? As the guys filed in, she saw people tossing hats and balls and such with sharpies over the dugout for autographs and she got a bright idea. She slipped out of her tiny pink thong in her seat, to her friends surprising gasps and giggles. Lexa hurriedly rushed to the line of fans and pulled out a slip of paper from her little purse.

She smiled at a guy nearby and asked, ?May I borrow your sharpie?? He looked at her panties in her hand, smiled and blushed. He responded, ?Sure,? with a twinkle in his eye. She sat on the dugout carefully, since she was in a short skirt with no panties on. She did not want to put on a show with all the kids around. On the paper she wrote, ?#4 & #12 could you please sign these ;) Lexa.? She then dropped the sharpie with the panties and note over the edge and stood up to wait. 20 seconds passed and then she saw players, one by one, step out to peak at her, looking up smiling. She blushed slightly, but stood tall, waiting for her autographed panties to return.

She saw #4 and #12 step back and they were smiling at her, then at each other. She was excited to garner their attention and sat once again on the dugout to retrieve her memorabilia. One of the guys slid her panties to her, with their scribbled signatures in black ink squeezed into the tiny triangle of fabric that was the front of her thong. The other guy slid the sharpie and note to her. Lexa heard her friends giggling but refused to turn and acknowledge them. She was NOT going to share their attention.

Holding gazes for a few minutes, the guys waved to Lexa and ducked back into the dugout for the game. Lexa waved back, batting her eyelashes. She walked to the stranger she finagled the pen from and placed the pen in his hand, looked up and whispered, ?Thank you.? She sauntered back to her seat, not knowing if he responded or not. Her friends teased her relentlessly, but she didn?t care, ?They are just jealous,? she laughed to herself. She looked down at the panties, trying to make out the signatures. The note fell to the ground, ?They wrote a response,? she yelled in her head. It read:

?Nice thongs. Nick Meadows #4,? on one line and then, ?I would like to meet up with you after the game, I will send for you at the 7th inning stretch. Rob Wilson #12?

Her heart leapt and her stomach filled with butterflies. Her friends asked what the note said. She let her friends read it and they teased her. In the end, they encouraged her to meet him. Lexa was a bit apprehensive, but decided to take their advice?..

The bathroom door opened and Rob entered. Even though Lexa was done showering, she lingered as he walked naked toward her. She watched his firm muscles shift and bulge with each step. She watched him open the door as the steam wafted out into the room. His brown spiked hair looked perfect, as if they hadn?t fucked for over an hour. His marble blue eyes jumped out at her, twinkling as he blinked. At 5?6, Rob was short for a ball player, but the perfect height for Lexa. She pulled him to her, under the streaming hot water. She grabbed the shower gel and proceeded to lather up his body. She rubbed over his firm chest and rippled six-pack. ?You are delicious,? she said in a sultry tone to him. She watched him cup each breast and tease her nipples with his thumbs. He replied, in a husky voice, ?So are you, I just can?t stop touching you.? Lexa felt that she had died and gone to heaven.

They began to touch and kiss. Once Lexa believed she had adequately cleaned him with soapy hands, she shut the water off. He pulled her out of the shower. She was amused as he quickly toweled himself, and then her, off. Her hair was still dripping down her back in trickles, as she was led back to the bedroom.

She stopped in her tracks as she saw #4, Nick, standing naked in front of the bed. She had an epiphany moment as she realized he was the dark figure watching them earlier and her smile broadened. She stood still admiring him. He was taller than Rob, at least 6?. Lexa felt so tiny in front of him. His tanned, firm, triangular shape looked sculpted out of marble and placed before her eyes to survey. Lexa felt Rob?s strong hand on the small of her back where water had trailed down from her wet hair. She was being pushed toward Nick. When she realized what was happening she relaxed and glided toward him. Her eyes transfixed on his creamy chocolate-colored eyes. His eyes were so rich and delicious, with long curly lashes that a woman would kill for. He had a sleek masculine face and strong jaw, with piercing dimples that appeared as she saw him smile down on her naked flesh. They pulled each other into a kiss that deepened in passion and hunger. His naked flesh was pressed against Lexas bare breasts pushing them down and her head was tilted up greatly to deepen the kisses.

His tongue danced with hers as she was aware of every piece of his warm body pressed to hers. She was on her tip-toes kissing this tall man, ever aware of his hardened cock pressed against her belly.

Out of the corner of Lexa?s eye, she saw Rob sit down in a chair near the foot of the bed. She felt him watching them xxx as they were rolling around on the bed, each giving and taking power. They flipped through various positions. Lexa rode Nick in the Reverse-Cowgirl while looking into Rob?s glimmering blue eyes. Her pleasure heightened as Nick sat up and toyed with her clit. She moaned, and with that verbal release of pleasure Rob stood up. He climbed onto the bed facing Lexa. Without thought, she grabbed Rob?s engorged shaft and he grabbed her breasts. Lexa was in the midst of her first threesome. Every slide, touch and groan heightened her senses. She rode Nick?s cock in increasing speed and stroked Rob at the same pace. She came with a squeal and a sigh. Nick grabbed her shoulders and gently encouraged her to rotate to face him. She did so, slowly, careful to keep Nick?s drenched cock inside her.

Rob slid in closer behind her. He brought one of his hands around to toy at her erect nipple. The groans Rob was making drew her attention back to him and she was sure he had taken over stroking his cock. As she continued to ride upon Nick?s thick swollen cock, she reached behind her. She grabbed Rob?s solid shaft. Again she began to stroke him paying particular attention to the smooth delicious tip.

Lexa was overwhelmed with her hand pleasuring Rob, Nick?s /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock stroking inside her and both men taking turns toying with her breasts and clit. She had never had an overload of her senses as this. Just as she thought she was overwhelmed with the intensity of pleasure and what they can do to her body, Rob started to toy with the outside ring of her anus and she jumped in reaction. He reached to her pussy a few times as she slid up and down, and Lexa felt him gather her expelled juices applying them liberally to her anus. Lexa was rising and falling upon Nicks shaft, as Rob inserted his finger into her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. She nearly convulsed as her pleasure bursted forth. She screamed without trying and her warm liquid poured over Nick?s cock and thighs and Rob?s hand. The juices dripped down to the satin sheets causing a puddle. The feeling of her rupturing seemed to push Nick, as she felt his cock swell and release his seed into Lexa. It spilled out to join Lexa?s nectar. Lexa was stroking Rob?s cock, vigorously now, and heard him grunt as his hot seed hits her back, dripping down to the crack of her ass. All their juices were now spotting the bed sheets.

They all collapsed onto the bed, panting in the aftermath of their pleasure and Lexa drifted off into a deep asleep.

Lexa, Rob and Nick fuck all the next day, stopping only for food, beverages and sleep. They try positions that rocked Lexa?s world and she found that Rob?s shower was big enough for three. She learned that she liked these men a lot and felt unusually comfortable with them already. She knew she would want to meet up with them like this as often as she could. The weekend passed quickly.

Lexa woke up at dawn on Sunday. She quietly walked to the bathroom and turned on the light. She looked back at the two sculpted specimens on asleep on the bed. She had a satisfied smile on her face.

She dressed quickly and wrote on a slip of paper: ?Rob and Nick, thank you for an amazing weekend! Call me! Let?s do this again real soon!? She knew if she did not slip out, she might never leave these two amazing men. With work on Monday, the idea was tempting, but not an option.

Lexa placed the note on the floor in the doorway so they would not miss it. She tip-toed out of the apartment, undetected. She stepped into the crisp early morning air. She knew they would call her, and if they did not, she had the most amazing memories she could have ever hoped for. She felt alive and ready to face her future, whatever it held.