Homosex with office friend

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Homosex with office friend

IT WAS IN 1997...

My last experience of homosex was in 1997. Here it is...................

I was the local manager of my Company. Our accountant was Vineet . A young brahmin boy of about 25. A lean fair chap; so fair that he could actually blush. He had a wide mouth with light brown lips, almost pink, lovely teeth and a shy but dazzling smile: His lips had a pout which also made him look very attractive. Put together all these gave him a "Madhuri Dixit" look. He was quite feminine from certain angles. 

His physique was thinnish with a high waist, long legs and small but firm buttocks. He spoke with a soft voice and had a cool temperament. He was rather an introvert though I did note that he could be quite voluble after a peg or two. 

I found myself attracted to V right from the first introduction. My bi-sexual leanings pulled me towards this guy. I would fantasize about having homosex with him. Often he would sit across my table to discuss official matters and I was sorely tempted to lean across and kiss his lush pink lips, extend my legs and play footsie-footsie and then with him and let my foot travel up his thighs !! Believe me it took a lot of control not to go ahead with these actions in the office itself. Some times when the pressure of my erect cock became unbearable I would go to the bathroom and masturbate to relieve the tension. On returning to my seat I would look at V's face and wonder whether he guessed what I had thought and done - I was sure that my sexual vibes must have traveled to him - but how could I ask?

In 1997 our wives got pregnant at about the same time. They went to their parent's places for delivery. Since V and I were staying in the same street we began visiting each other's houses during the xnxxv sunny leone video absence of our wives; sharing drinks, going for dinners and movies together, and morning walks. We seemed to find comfort in each other's company and circumstances drew us closer. 

V became quite communicative with me. I was emboldened by this and picked up the courage to try and bring the topic of sex into our conversations but, for some reason or the other, I was not able to do so successfully. My wife's absence increased the sexual pressure - which escalated when V was around - all I could do was to play with myself and work the tensions out. 

I was prepared to be patient with V. I noticed that he seemed to seek my company more and more. I was sure that this would develop into a sexual intimacy sooner or later. Time was on 
my side - I waited for the opportunity.

Our wives delivered. Every weekend both of us would go to our respective in-laws place for meeting them. On our return we would talk about wanting our wives and babies back as soon 
as possible.

Around that time our Company sent us for a conference and training course to Bombay. It was 
a 5 days' module. We were accommodated at the JuhuCentaur. As luck would have it the room allocations made us partners. 

At the time of checking-in it was V who took the key from the reception. When he came to tell me that we would be sharing a room I noticed a slight blush on his face! Wow I thought - was he also thinking in the same direction as I? We had a lovely airport facing 5 Star hotel room all to ourselves. On entering the room V childishly bounced himself on the double bed and hugged the luxurious pillows then looked at me and smiled. I imagined him to be the bride welcoming the bridegroom to bed for the first night. My passion rose but I held back as I wanted mutual consent and a slow build-up before the act. 

Yes -it all happened there...

On the first night together we watched TV with the usual drinks alongside. Since we had had a rather heavy lunch we decided to have a light dinner of snacks in the room. We indulged in the usual casual talks about company affairs, family matters, and movies. Then I worked up the courage to (deliberately) bring in the topic of SEX. 

Vineet became sentimental. He told me that he was missing his wife and really longing for her return. Me too said I. As I spoke the next words I looked him directly into his eyes and said that I wanted my wife more because now there would be an added thrill in sex with her - she would be lactating and she had promised me that she would breastfeed me. I told him that just thinking of sucking on her milk filled breasts made me excited and made me want her more. I asked him if he did not think of doing this? Would not he like to suck milk from his wife's lactating breasts? Vineet blushed and would not look at me. He shyly admitted that he and Sarla (his wife) had talked about breastfeeding . Sarla was an attractive woman with quite so I prodded him by asking if he could drink all the milk she would have? To my he replied that she would have some quantity leftover for me too and that I could suck one breast while he sucked the other ! He looked so innocent and babyish while making this offer that I felt like hugging him and........... !

I was now at the peak of my excitement. I wanted with Vineet. I wanted to look at his cock close up and smell its warm odor. I love the natural fragrance and the slightly salty taste of cock milk. I wanted to get V sucking on my cock and allowing me to suck his in return. My mouth was eager to feel the soft smooth walls of V's penis with my tongue and coat it with my saliva. I wanted real happenings, not fantasies. I wanted to see and do all this with V. I was sure that his resistance was crumbling so I pushed ahead with this line of talk. I asked him what he did for sex during these months of forced bachelor-hood. He was silent but smiled. I asked him if he masturbated-how often-and thinking of what? DID HE THINK OF ME? 

We were sitting on the double bed, dressed in lungis. I deliberately looked at his crotch and quite openly too so that he would see me doing so. I saw some movement as he crossed his legs. I was sure he was trying to hide an . My cock too was pressing up. I made no attempt to hide it's rising. I could see him looking at it out of the corner of his eyes.

I stretched my legs and let my feet brush against his - playing tip-tip with his toes just as I had fantasized oh so many times at office. He did not move his feet away. Our shoulders touched. I held his hand, rubbed his fingers, took his hand to my mouth, bit down and sucked on his forefinger. I playfully put my finger in his mouth - he nipped at it. I slipped my arm around him and pulled him gently towards me. He turned his face to mine. His lips were dry with tension. His tongue came out to wet the lips - oh it was just too much to watch ! I kissed him - softly at first, then as he responded I slipped my tongue into his mouth and french kissed him deeply. Surprisingly there was no resistance - he almost fell on to me in his passion to take the kiss further. His eyes were closed. I kissed his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, those lush lips, under his chin and his neck before planting my lips again on his mouth. He put his mouth into mine and sucked on my tongue. It was a wet wet kissing session and the opening foreplay of our homosex. The passion eased, our kisses became softer. His lips had reddened. To my eyes they looked like the lips of a woman's cunt. I lapped at them. He ran his tongue over mine.

While kissing he slipped his feet up into the folds of my lungi- right up to the knees and then onto my thighs. My lungi fell away to one side. I did not try to cover up - so he got a full view of my underwear. I was sure he could see my erection pressing against the cloth. To get him into the mood faster I told him I masturbated daily - AND THAT I OFTEN THOUGHT OF HIM IN MY FANTASIES WHILE MASTURBATING. He looked at me with shining eyes . I put both my hands around him and hugged him close delighting in the touch of his body against mine.

We had reached the point of no return.

We groped each other- off came our vests. We fondled each other's nipples. I pulled him down 
to my lap. He licked at my nipple. I squeezed my breasts to make them more grippable and to allow him to suck freely. He covered the nipples with his mouth. He went from one nipple to the other. The sensations were fantastic. I bent and sucked his tiny nipples too. He moaned and pulled my face down against his hairless chest. His nipples actually became longer - so did mine. He made me lie down on his lap and drew me close to his chest so that he could watch as I fed on his breasts. He kissed my forehead and ran his fingers thru my hair all the while making kitchi-koo sounds as though to a baby. I kissed him under the armpits and traced my lips down to his navel. I wanted his cock. I knew he eager for mine too. 

He climbed on me. We pressed the front of our jocks together and rubbed. Our hands moved down to feel the hardness of our penises. Our fingers parted the jock straps- we held each other's precious cocks while continuing to kiss. I asked him " Vineet you want more?" He nodded YES. 

We took out our cocks from underneath our undies. We rubbed their heads together. The dark brown color of mine contrasted nicely with the light color of his. We compared their lengths and width. Mine was slightly longer while his was a wee bit broader. We played with our cocks, then got up and put them back into our jocks again. Our erections had become so big that it was difficult to shove them in and some parts were clearly visible thru the gaps between the jocks and our crotches.

I moved his ass about to get him into position to remove the undie. I stripped off his T-shirt, pressed his breasts and licked the till he squealed with the sensation.

I pulled him close - made him get up and kneel with his thighs straddling me. He was wearing tight white low undies. I could see his undie front swelling. He had a huge erection which filled his undie. I pressed my face into his jock front and felt the warmth of his erection. I saw a wet spot. I put my nose to it and smelt the scent of his precum. I rubbed my face on him. I wanted his cock badly - to play with it and to put it in my watering mouth. In a baby voice I said " feed me darling ". He responded and said " just wait baby let me take it out and get it ready for you" .

V really got into the mama-feed-baby mood. He kept his thighs against my cheeks. I could watch the movement of his penis. He made me lie back on the raised pillows. I put my hands around his back and kneaded his buttocks. He lifted one side of his undie and took his cock out - for the second time I saw it again and examined it closely - ohhhhhhh so lovely, pink-smooth-cute- uncut with a slightly darker color of foreskin which made it look like a long breast with a nipple. The tip was wet and there was a drop of liquid oozing from the hole. My tongue went out and licked at this pre-cum - it was clear and sticky. The smell was heavenly. I wanted MORE of it.

I pulled at his undie and dragged the flimsy material down the curve of his hips. I was expecting some pubic hair to be revealed, but he was totally bare! His pubic mound was full and its shaved smooth condition made it a fine backdrop. I kissed that area. Then as the top of the undie reached his crotch he tipped his hips forward slightly and I was delighted as his penis got exposed. The jocks were caught in the crevices between his balls and thighs. He opened his legs slightly to release them, so that it I could ease and drag the jocks down . Only then he spread his thighs and straddled me to give me an unrestricted view of his precious .

V lifted his cock with one hand and brushed its tip across my face - then back to my lips. I playacted as though I would not open my lips. I let my tongue come out and touch his cock-tip, then pushed my face into the softness of his thighs below his balls -as I wanted a clear and unobstructed access to all of him. V moved his hips up, held his dick and rubbed it on my lips.

My head swam at the glorious sight of his erect full cock curving up from between his legs. 
The hole at the tip was clear and inviting as the foreskin moved away with the erection coming to fullness. I reached out and touched the red tip, then drew my fingers down to stroke the shaft. The tip was cushiony and soft, with firmer skin over the shaft. I ran my hands over his flat stomach and round his firm arse. It was hot and satiny-smooth. I explored his hips and upper thighs and buttocks. I made him lie down on the bed on his stomach. He had nice buttocks, so perfect and so smooth. I lied on top of him and rubbed my cock over his buttocks. I real forced anal against her will put my hands around his chest and held him in my arms, feeling his warmth. I kissed and bit tenderly on his buttocks. Then I turned him around. He spread his legs as I pressed our balls together.