Watching my wife help my friend

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Watching my wife help my friend

Over the summer my friend George was visiting from PA. He had not had a girl in months and was constantly complaining about it. Later that day my Wife came home. She went to the bathroom and when she came back out she was in her sports bra and shorts. She walked to the bedroom and said hi to George on her way. George was sitting on the couch rubbing his crotch area. I was like cmon man knock it off. He said man your wife just looked hot as hell walking past there.

I found this to actually turn me on knowing he was hard looking at her. He said what would she do if i just started stroking it right here? would she be mad? im just so horny dude i need to blow a load . im like wow i dont know. So free porn movies download i tell him just stroke it. He drops his pants and starts rubbing his balls. I walk into the bedroom and quietly tell my wife she turned him on by looking like that in front of him and now hes out there jacking off.

She giggled a bit and said sorry. i said it was actually ok, that him being that horny over her was turning me on. i asked her if she would at least stand out there like that for him while he strokes? She said if its what i want. so we walk out there and George doesn't stop at all. He says sorry guys im just so damn horny. she full hd xvideo download said its ok. i out of nowhere said why don't you stroke it for him sweetie? She gives me a look and i say its ok. im here watching and it will turn me on.

George was begging for it. she got down between his legs and before she touched /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick, she said are you sure your ok with this baby after i touch this theres no going back. isaid do it baby. She grabbed his hard dick, and began to pump it. TI was so horny seeing another cock enjoying my wifes hand. George George asked if he could see her tits and i said yes. she pulls her top off exposing bouncy double d's with silver dollar sized /nipples/perfect-nipples/">perfect nipples.. He asks to touch them and isaid ok. He said damn those are so nice i said he can see her pussy too if he wants.

She says whoa wait a minute.... Isay baby its ok its just George let him see it. he will love the fact its bare and shaven. plus its so so small and tight baby let him see it. So she takes her shorts off exposing her bare pussy. i said to George rub that dude doesn't that feel nice? He says oh my god dude that pussy is awesome. She continues to stroke moaning lightly when George touches her wet little pussy.

George begins shooting a huge load on her hand and his own stomach. She goes and gets a towel and George says thanks guys that felt incredible and you have anice pussy. m Maybe you guys will let me try it next time lol. He leaves and my wife and i fucked like never before. we have no regrets helping our friend. It seems like we cum so hard now during sex. i would do it again.