Patricia The Transvestite Submits to hermistress

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Patricia The Transvestite Submits to hermistress

?Morning sexy.? I called as I opened Rhona?s bedroom door. The curtains were drawn and my eyes began to adjust to the dim light as I closed the door behind me. Rhona?s husband?s car wasn?t in the drive so I knew that we had all day to fuck like kids, as we had been nearly every day for the last month. My wife had left for work half an hour ago and wouldn?t be back until 6pm ?she would be furious if she ever found out that I?d been squeezing through a gap in our hedge to let myself into Rhona and Tom?s house and fuck Rhona awake. Our affair had started after a drunken /party/">party when we kissed and groped in the toilet at a hotel. We had nearly fucked then but were afraid of being interrupted.

?Morning dirty boy,? she said softly as she moved beneath the duvet. ?Have you got a /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock for me??
?Yeah,? I replied.
?And are you dressed??
?Show me!?

I began to peel off my sweater and jeans to reveal my /women/sexy-women/">sexy women?s underwear that I loved to wear and which turned Rhona on. My shiny black hold up stockings came into view, along with my sheer nylon purple playsuit.
?Mmmm!? muttered Rhona as she watched me transform. I sat at the end of the bed and reached into my bag to pull out my gold strappy sandals, choker and elbow length velvet gloves. There were a few other toys in there but they could stay in the bag until later.
?I?ve a confession to make,? she said, huskily. ?I?ve already had a /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock this morning. Tom fucked me before he went to work!?

I stared at her as she drew back the duvet to reveal her /legs/sexy-legs/long-sexy-legs/">long sexy legs in lace topped black hold up stockings and her black satin baby doll. She was wearing her sexiest black strappy high heeled sandals ?obviously dressed for sex.
?So it looks as if you?re getting sloppy seconds today! Come here ?bring the bag!?

Slack jawed I walked on my high heels to the left side of the bed to stand close beside her, my erect cock jutting up against the front of my playsuit. She fished it out of the lace trimmed leg and picked several cotton covered elastic hair loops out of the bag. One at a time she stretched these and placed them over my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls, all the way to the base until six were snuggled tight at the root, enhancing my /erection/">erection with their gentle, insistent pressure. Giggling like a naughty schoolgirl she repeated the process with another six round my balls, pulling them gently away from my cock. I groaned at the tight constriction and the way it turned my cock into a sensitised rock hard rod.

Next she took out the plastic sprung clothes pins and, reaching into my playsuit, fastened these tight to my nipples, making me groan louder. Over the last month she had revealed more and more of her perverse sexuality, enjoying humiliating me and using me. I was being taken to new places by her, often surprising myself at my willingness and submissiveness.

?Yes, sloppy seconds for you but first I want you to clean me up a bit -use your mouth and lick me clean.? I looked down at her in disbelief as she pulled the duvet completely off her legs and spread them slightly. ?I think he got some spunk on my stockings and thighs too. I?ve just been lying here, not wanting any to dribble out, saving my cuntful of Tom?s spunk for you.?
As I knelt on the bed I could see that she was right, even in the dim light I could see half dried spunk stains on the smooth skin of her thighs and silvery on her stockings and lacy tops. There was also some on her tummy and the black satin of her baby doll! I could see the wet glint of her lips, still spread slightly from Tom?s fucking.

Motionless with fascination I heard her speak softly and sexily: ?Wait! First I think you need to pop the butt plug up you arse so you?re ready to fuck me! Did you bring lube??
I groaned with sexual humiliation as I nodded and our eyes met. She liked to encourage me when I fucked her by reaching back there and pressing the butt plug deep into my /asshole/">asshole. Her eyes were smiling in languid sexy pleasure as she watched me get the big brown rubber butt plug from the bag and pump a few lines of lube from the bottle.

?Kneel and kiss my feet while you put it in!? she commanded ?god the pervy bitch! I moaned as I knelt, pulling the crotch of my playsuit to one side and spread my buttocks with one hand while I guided the pointed tip of the butt plug towards my puckered asshole. My mouth found her left foot and my lips began to nuzzle at her beautiful nylon clad toes and the leather straps of her shoes. I felt the tip of the plug make contact with my asshole and begin to penetrate me as I eased it in, working it back and forward and twisting it to spread the lube around the rim.

My tongue was caressing her toes and I could smell the sex on Rhona?s bed and body from her session with Tom. What a dirty bitch! I moaned involuntarily as the butt plug went deeper and stretched my hole.
?Go on ?push it in! Pop your ring for me!? She said huskily as I knelt, kissing and licking her feet. I did as I was told and gasped as the bulbous thick flared cone finally popped inside the ring of muscle of my anal sphincter.
By now I was kissing and licking her right foot and had my tongue under her nylon clad arch, rubbing feverishly between her foot and her shoe. I could tell that I was turning her on as she moaned and moved on the bed. Her toes instep and arches were slick and shiny with my saliva, much as her stockings were with her husband?s spunk.

?Is it in your ass?? she queried. I nodded mutely. ?Then come clean me up dirty boy!?

I climbed onto the bed between her legs which she spread invitingly. ?Start with my stocking and thighs? she ordered. I could smell her sex and Tom?s spunk strongly now as I brought my face between her thighs. The smears on her stockings were half dried and flaky as I gingerly put out my tongue and made the first, horrified contact. I lapped at the half dried, crusty stains and felt a thrill of shame and excitement as I tasted another man?s spunk for the first time. Faithfully I licked away at her stockings and the soft warm skin of her thighs until all of Tom?s spunk was cleaned, leaving only slick marks of my own saliva.

Rhona placed a red manicured fingernail on her tummy to indicate a few more spunk deposits on the skin there and jerked her head to indicate that I should clean those too. Red faced with shame I moved my head and quickly licked the traces up.
I gazed in fascination at her beautiful black, curly haired pussy and the shiny pearly trickle of semen between her lips. Rhona opened her legs wide and brought her knees up towards her chest.

?I think some of it has trickled down the crack of my arse,? she announced. ?Is the sheet dirty?? I nodded wordlessly as I looked into her lust filled eyes. There was a semen stain on the bedsheet about two inches across.
?Clean it up then!? she commanded ?so I did, I lowered my face to the sheet of her marriage bed and licked her hubbies spunk off it, tasting the sexxxx video ful hd combination of his semen and her cunt juices.

?Lick up my arse crack ?don?t waste any of it!? I extended my tongue and ran it lovingly from the start of her butt crack up towards her asshole, repeating the action a few times to get her arse clean. The butt plug seemed to throb in my own asshole as I paid careful attention to rubbing the point of my tongue round and round her musky anus. My nipples ached and my bound cock and balls were rigid and sensitive against the satin of my sexy suit. Rhona sighed with pleasure as I rimmed her lightly haired asshole, forming the tip of my tongue to a hard inquisitive point. She lowered her knees, indicating that I should proceed to her pussy so I lapped like a kitten up from her anus, over her furry perineum cleaning the spunk off as I worked towards her cunt.

The smell of her spunky cunt was strong in my nostrils as I found myself up close to its glistening wetness. Her lips pulsed and a tiny trickle of pearly spunk seemed to emerge from her hole.
?Go on ?clean it out! I saved it all just for you.?

I moved my head closer and pushed my tongue out until it made contact with the bottom of her splayed gash. I lapped up the length of her lips and my tongue delved deep between them. Suddenly I had a large gobbet of spunk running over my tongue into my mouth. It tasted much stronger than before ?there was so much more of it! My head spun with lust and my face flushed hot with shame as I lapped another man?s spunk from Rhona?s dripping cunt. She moaned and moved her hips against my face as I lapped, more spunk trickling out to replace what had moved into my mouth. I was trying not to swallow ?maybe I thought that I could spit it out but the movement of my tongue was washing the semen round my mouth and it was trickling down my throat as I lay there, on my tummy, lapping slowly but forcefully up her flaps. My cock was rubbing the bed through my nylon nightie ?I could feel it starting to leak against my belly. My nipples were tingling as they too rubbed against the bed through my woman?s underwear.

I was completely lost in the perversion of the moment and just concentrated on licking up and down Rhona?s cunt, flicking her clit at the top and tasting Tom?s spunk as it slid down my throat. By now my face and jaw were plastered, slick with a mixture of cum and pussy juices.
?Get your tongue right inside you little whore,? hissed Rhona through clenched teeth. ?God you?ve got a good mouth. Go on ?up inside me. Clean me out!?

As I complied, pushing my tongue into her sloppy cunt as far as it would go, she bucked her hips and pressed her /sex/sex-hard/">sex hard against my face. This must have opened up an inner pocket of her cunt, or maybe her muscles pushed, as I felt a new reservoir of thick, salty /sweet/">sweet spunk dollop onto my tongue and slide into my mouth. I gagged as it hit the back of my throat and she groaned sexily in response to my discomfort.
?Yeah bitch, take it!? she moaned huskily. ?Swallow it all down like a good cum sucker.?

I?d lost all track of time and was just drifting in a haze of scent, taste and sensation. My eyes were closed and, if I opened them, all I could see was Rhona?s /cunt/hairy-cunt/">hairy cunt. I angled my head and looked up over her heaving belly to see her playing with her breasts, stroking them and rubbing her erect nipples. This could be a sign that she was going to come! I watched her reach over to the bedside table and take a small brown bottle in her hands ?poppers! She unscrewed the bottle top and pressed the opening to her nose, taking a deep breath of the drug. She held her breath as she replaced the lid.

When her breathing started again it had changed, becoming deeper and even more sexually charged. Her hips ground in a slow steady rhythm against my face as the drug kicked in.
I felt her move her left leg and her foot pushed down over my groin, between my cock and the bed. At first I thought that she was going to rub my cock with her strappy shoe and /sexy/sexy-nylon/">sexy nylon clad foot, but her foot moved lower and fumbled between my legs until it made contact with the butt plug in my asshole. She flexed her foot up against the flared base of the rubber plug, pressing it a little deeper into my throbbing hole!

I moaned and sputtered into her sloppy pussy, making her laugh a throaty chuckle. Again she flexed her foot, harder this time, making me jerk against her cunt and yelp softly, the sound muffled by my mouthful of spunky cunt. This continued for how long I have no idea. I lay there lapping and drifting, my face buried in Rhona?s cunt while she snorted poppers and every few seconds she prodded the butt plug into my asshole with her foot, sometimes quick and hard, sometimes soft, slow and deep. Fucking my asshole.

?Time to make sure I?m really clean,? she announced sitting up. ?Lie up,? she said, patting the pillow, indicating that I should lie on my back with my head there. I slid up the bed, feeling my dribbling cock leaking against my belly, making the material of my nightie stick to me. Throwing one leg over me, Rhona sat over my face, looking down at me and lowered her glistening cunt onto my mouth! She reached back and pulled the clothes pins off my nipples, which immediately surged with blood and tingling pain.
?Stroke my titties!? she commanded. I brought my arms up from behind her and reached around her front to stroke her breasts and toy with her nipples as she had been, pressing her /tight/pussy-tight/">pussy tight onto my mouth.

?Oh Yesss!? she hissed as she ground her sloppy cunt against my face, twisting my tender nipples with her fingers, making me squeal. Gravity did its work and the last thick dollops of Tom?s spunk descended from where he had deposited them in the upper reaches of his wife?s vagina, sliding into my mouth as I lapped at her cunt lips and clitoris. Rhona could obviously feel the spunk slide down and out of her as she watched me and smiled wickedly down at me while I licked and gagged on the thick semen.

?Oh yeah! You?ve got it all now bitch!? she crowed, laughing at me as this drop down of spunk occurred another three times. This dose of creamy fluid tasted different and seemed thicker too, probably because it had been so deep into her vagina, mixing with her own secretions
After a few minutes of riding my face it seemed that she must finally be emptied out. She climbed off of me and lay back on the bed.

?Now I need that cock in me!? she muttered hoarsely, lying back with her legs open. I fumbled my purple, rock hard, bound cock out of my sexy playsuit and knelt between her legs as she opened the popper bottle. She held it up to my nose and let me inhale deeply, taking a long hit herself as I positioned myself between her thighs and pushed my cock into her hot, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She cried out as I got in the saddle and began to screw her in long deep strokes which were bottoming out in her cunt, nudging against her cervix, just the way we both liked it! I knew that this was going to finish us both off. She reached her hand between my buttocks and pressed the butt plug deeper into my asshole. As the poppers coursed through my system, making my head swim, I kissed her hard and she kissed me back, tasting her own cunt juices mingled with her husband?s spunk.

?HARDER!? she yelled as she pushed the rubber plug ever deeper into my fundament, probing my bowels and opening me up even further, making me lunge deeper and harder into the bottom of her cunt, bruising her cervix.
?HARDER!? she yelled as she worked on my nipples with her free hand and wrapped her stocking clad legs around my waist and we both came, shivering and jerking and moaning, our breath coming in deep gasps.
I collapsed on top of her and she lay panting while we both tried to gather enough energy to move. Eventually I rolled off of Rhona and lay beside her breathing deeply.

It was only then that I xxx sex video download free com noticed Tom standing at the foot of the bed. The bathroom door behind him was open, so I guessed that was where he had been all along. I almost didn?t recognise him because he was wearing a pink sheer babydoll with a thong, black stockings and gold peep toed slingbacks! His hard on was poking out over the top of his panties and he was playing with his nipples through the nightwear!

Rhona parted her legs and crooked her finger at him, looking him in the eye.
?Time to get me clean darling!? she said to him, smiling round at me.